Excite change, push delivery. Made is a design & innovation agency that supports their clients' business growth by building products and services that change the market. Made helps companies to establish an innovation roadmap and to design phygital products and services.

Wat doet Made?

Made is an Antwerp-based agency consisting of 25 people with a skillset ranging from UX/UI design, product design and business design. Their skills ensure the capability to help clients building innovation strategies and designing products and services.

Made already won an IF Award, Red Dot Award, Good Design Award, UX Design Awards and Edison Award.

Wat maakt Made uniek?

Made combines the best of innovation and design to generate tangible impact. No high-level bullet-point heavy presentations, but actual prototypes, products, and validation-heavy outcomes. Clients continue to work with Made because they have the skills to help establish an innovation roadmap and break it down into concrete products and services.

Whether it's a large organisation, a joint venture or a start-up, clients appreciate Made because they are entrepreneurial, they take ownership of their clients' challenges and they tend to solve them as they would be their own.

Waarvoor kan je er terecht?

Typical challenges clients face when asking Made for help:

  • Establish an innovation and product roadmap for the upcoming years
  • Build a financial plan and design the user experience of a new product simultaneously
  • Test and validate innovation assumptions with tangible prototypes and real users
  • Digital transformation of the customer journey
  • Design and develop a digital, physical or phygital product that needs to be validated by the end-user