Chevy Solo

Hello, I'm Sievi (Chevy)! I'm a content creator, based in Antwerp.

Wie is Chevy Solo?

I'm Sievi and I'm a long-distance adventure cyclist. I started photo and videography during my travels in Asia, Europe and America. Gradually this passion for photography has transformed into a profession. Now I'm focussing on promotional videos for businesses on social media, event photography, after-event videos and FPV drone shots for epic video scenes.

Chevy Solo

Waarvoor kun je bij Chevy Solo terecht?

- Event photography and videography
- Video content for social media
- After-event movies
- Individual or group portrays
- Drone video footage


Wat maakt Chevy Solo uniek?

With my background in photography, videography and FPV (first-person view) drones, I can offer my clients various options. And it also gives me an edge over my competitors, but most importantly I'm good at communicating and collaborating with others.